FiendFyre's Audacious Necromancer "Cherish Love" FiendFyre's Audacious Necromancer "Cherish Love" Cherish OFA Hip Evaluation Hips Good, Hips Show No Evidence Of Dysplasia 201899282 Cherish OFA Elbow Evaluation Elbows Normal, No Evidence Of Dysplasia 201899283 Cherish Congenital Heart Defect Screen Congenital Heart Defect Screened Normal 201899567 Cherish Knee Evaluation Knees Show No Evidence Of Patellar Luxation 201899568 Cherish CERF Eye Evaluation CERF Eye Results Normal 201957085 Cherish AKC DNA Test AKC DNA test kit submitted to AKC with the samples collected and prepared by my Veterinarian. Personally I believe AKC should require these be done by a licensed Vet in order to keep an accurate documented history of all health testing coming from the same ID verified dog. 202012298 Cherish Mischievious Cherish, love the expression on her face here. 202139601 Cherish is PHPT Negative 202201741 Cherish AKC DNA Profile The official DNA profile of Cherish Love. Test sample taken by my Vet, processed and registered by the AKC. 202304614 Sweet Cherish Love Such a bright eyed smile. 204660137 Yoga Cherish Caught this photo just as Cherish began a good stretch..looks a bit like a yoga position. 204660138 Poser Cherish I swear she knew I was taking photos. 204660140 Gentle, sweet cherish Love Always a smile on her taken March 2019. 205640614