Testimonials-Keeshond Pups For Sale.

We take pride in producing happy, healthy, well socialized puppies. 

We have Keeshond Puppies all across the country as well as in Canada. 

We have a placed a puppy or adult in the following States:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York,  New Mexico, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.  

Below are Testimonials from MistyDay Keeshond owners. Most of the Authors of these Testimonials are also in our Facebook group. Those who are not are simply not the Facebook type. However, they do email updates throughout the year. 

It is my pleasure to say that in my search for a dog to become part of our family 2 1/2 years ago I stumbled upon you, Linda Neal.  Our family was in search of a Keeshond. We have had 2 prior dogs that were Keeshonds and we fell in love with the breed.  We adopted Misty from you 2 1/2 years ago and love her so much.  It is so obvious that You love your dogs and put your heart and soul into them. You were so helpful in knowing each and every puppy, their behaviors and personalities, which made it easy for us to choose based on Your recommendations, considering we could not visit in person.  You are always available for questions and assistance and are so knowledgeable, generous and a true lover of dogs.  We love our Misty and she is the perfect match for us.  We are so appreciative of you and what you and your dogs offer that we recently brought home, Harley.  You took the time to ask about Misty and her personality and likes and dislikes to recommend Harley and I have to say you hit a home run again. Harley is s great pup and fits right in with our family and Misty loves him.  These dogs are very social, acclimated to other animals and a joy to have around.  Thank you for our forever furry companions, they make everyday a joy.  Tracey 2019

“Have met many Keesie’s and have always been drawn to the look, but scared of the spazzing, anxious energy they displayed. This puppy has wowed me from day one... what a wonderfully behaved, kind-souled dog. I don’t know how she does it, but Linda instills so much love and early-learned training from the beginning. I already want to get another. Well-worth the money and wait!! You’ll cherish every moment.”  Rachel March 2019

Over the past 30 years I have had 3 Keeshond. My last one passed this past January. I began the search for another baby. I came upon Mistyday and read Linda's story. It touched my heart. My husband and I began the wait for a puppy. We got very luck that someone had to wait for a little girl until the next litter. We got to get our previous StellaLuna. Talk about perfection! She is extremely healthy, smart and energetic. My grandson went with us to get her and it was love at first sight for all of us! If you get the pleasure of getting one of these angels, do it and you will never look back. Linda and her babies are magnificent !


The woman that breeds these beautiful Keeshonds, Linda, is so kind and very knowledgeable when it comes to this breed, well, animals in general. All of these puppies are tested for tests I didn't even know about! She loves her dogs and you can definitely tell by how well behaved they are when you bring them home. We just got our puppy from her, and she is so smart and gentle at only 8 weeks! She's perfect and we now consider Linda apart of our family. I wouldn't go with anyone else! Amazing people like her that put this much time and money into what they love are hard to come by, these puppies are definitely worth the wait and worth what you're paying for them!


A couple months ago we received our adorable keeshond Diesel from Mistyday. Linda was such a pleasure to work with and was so informative. She still remains that way to this day and I contact her with any questions I have and send her updates on Diesel. He is a fluffy ham! We love him to pieces! I would highly recommend going to Linda for your next kees puppy. They are well adjusted when received and very smart and lovable! We find them to be the best breed and a wonderful addition to our family.He gets along with all other dogs and has made our 16 yr old husky into a puppy again! The purchase was seamless and Linda really knew how to ease our minds about getting a puppy we never met. She sent pictures and videos and matched us with the one best suited for our lifestyle. We wanted the crazy, always upside down, adorable one and that is exactly what we got! He loves to play upside down and is a nonstop ball of energy. Thank you Linda for our new baby!


After owning a Keeshond for 15 years and losing her this past fall to cancer, a new little female puppy put a smile back on my face and made me laugh again. This breeder gave me the best gift in the form of a gorgeous little baby Keeshond. Excellent dogs who are gorgeous, intelligent, quick to learn, and affectionate. I highly recommend this amazing breeder!


We were beyond thrilled to receive our little Juno from Linda of MistyDay Keeshond!! Linda's bio tells it all, she really does spend an extraordinary amount of time grooming and socializing her babies to be the best dogs ever. Our little Juno knew and responded to basic commands from day one. He is such a well-adjusted, intelligent, charismatic, curious and playful cuddly pup! Linda's early potty training success was also much appreciated...his first night Juno slept dry and clean in his crate. Day training was only a matter of taking him out every 2-3 hours, it was so easy!! We researched top breeders thoroughly before selecting MistyDay as the very best of the best. If desired, Linda stays in close contact after you receive your baby...she genuinely cares about the health and upbringing of her pups, and is always only a text or phone call away. If you're looking for "the very best," look no further than MistyDay Keeshond...you will not regret it, her pups really are THAT great!!


I have 2 pups Starlit and Macey I bought from this breeder and they are my angels. They were in great health when I got them. I've had no health issues with them at all. They are 2 years old now and the best natured Kees. So sweet and loving. I would recommend this seller over any. She is very particular in who she chooses to take her babies home to make sure they get the right home and I really liked the fact she cares about them and not just 5 star rating!


From our first day together it was quite evident that my little pal had been thoroughly loved and tended to with the utmost care and compassion all the way through. We have yet to meet a soul, human, pup or otherwise, that she hasn't won over though her energetic playful spirit and calm empathetic play. Just two weeks into puppy classes she has shown herself an invaluable playmate bringing the newest and most reserved puppies right into the fold. If that weren't enough, this puppy is quick as a whip and already knew a few commands when she arrived! Needless to say, I feel quite lucky to have found Linda and MistyDay Keeshond - no other dog will do!


We lost our 10 year old Keeshond Jake to cancer in October of 2015. I started looking for another Keeshond soon after, expecting the process to take quite a bit of time. We were lucky, Linda had a puppy available in December and we were able to get our deposit sent in time. Linda was an absolute joy to work with. Throughout the process she answered emails or texts almost immediately. We got pictures, videos, and even a custom video for my daughters birthday. We live 8 hours away, but we felt like we were there as we watched our puppy grow up. Linda answered all questions, giving us just a ton of information. I love following her Facebook page because she continues to post great information. She loves animals, and she really loves her Keeshonds! Our little girl Bella is our 4th dog, and this was hands down the best experience we've ever had buying a dog. You really can't go wrong with MistyDay Keeshond!


After searching for several months for a Keeshond breeder, I found MistyDay. We spoke for several months before finding the right companion for me - a little girl. She started bringing my little girl into the world with her brothers and sisters. Her methods with the puppies help meld some amazing Keeshonds and my puppy is no different! My puppy Elska is amazing. After being home for 3 days, little Elska mastered potty training, loves playing in the snow, sleeps through the night and plays with our cats and dogs. Everyone who meets her comments how beautiful and sweet she is. Welcoming her into our home has been fun. She likes to cuddle and snuggle and has a great personality to boot I’m a lucky girl to found my little Keeshond. I cannot express my gratitude enough for MistyDay for connecting me with my puppy, If you’re looking for a Keeshond, go to MistyDay. She’s educated and works hard to make sure her dogs and their offspring are well adjusted and loved.


We adopted a puppy from this breeder about 10 days ago. The puppy was about 8 weeks old. He is an absolute joy - smart, well-adjusted, HOUSEBROKEN, adapted to cats, people and other dogs. He has already learned to sit and is working on "down" and "come". He has fit in with our two miniature schnauzers. a chaotic work household and two cats. He also gets along with two 80 pound golden retrievers, though his 5.5 pound energy scares one of them. He is an absolute love. Cuddles, plays and reacts with curiousity, not fear. The breeder did an awesome job of raising him. Our vet has nothing but good things to say about his health. I would strongly recommend this breeder. She really cares about her dogs and raises them well. When it comes time to get another dog, I will certainly look to her.


My daughter and I picked up our new baby, Joy, on June 16... And she truly is a "bundle of Joy"!!! We're so glad that Linda was her first "human Mom." Not only did she "pre-pamper" Joy, but she even taught her to answer to her own name by the time she was 7 1/2 weeks old. Joy has so much energy and enthusiasm, is adventurous and brave, spunky and happy. We had previously loved two generations of Keeshonds before Joy, love her already, and, in short, we give Linda Neal an A+++ rating as a breeder and lover of our pup.


Linda was great. She worked with us through the entire process and made sure we took home a healthy happy well adjusted puppy.She went above and beyond giving us training, and grooming advice. Wallace has fit right in to our family from the day we brought him home, you can't go wrong with a Mistyday Keeshond.


I adopted a beautiful puppy from this breeder. He is so sweet and well behaved. He came practically potty trained and rearly barks. He is in great health and is a very happy boy. Linda is an amazing breeder who takes great pride in what she does and is very knowledgeable. I will deffinatly get another puppy from her and would recommend her to anyone. I am more than highly satisfied with her and my new baby boy..Kai!!


Linda has been an exceptional seller. She is not just a seller, she is an advocate for Keeshonds and healthy, happy puppies. Linda answered all of my questions and was supportive as I looked for a playmate for my older keeshond. My older keeshond has been playing and enjoying her new friend. Linda is a wealth of knowledge on health issues and concerns. Both of my dogs are benefitting from the information and suggestions from Linda. I strongly recommend working with Linda in your pursuit of a Keeshond puppy.


So happy with the newest addition to our family; Hiro. From the minute he walked in the door he was instantly comfortable, not scared or shy at all. Buying a puppy long-distance can definitely be nerve wracking, but Linda was there through the whole process, replying to texts, and emails, and phone calls, answering my many questions, making me feel confident in my choice. She worked with me to help pick the puppy with the right temperment to go along with my 3 children. I'm so excited to now be a part of the Mistyday family.


There's great communication, and plenty of updates and pictures, he was part of the family before he ever came home. His recall is great, he has absolutely no prey drive, he is scared of absolutely nothing (storms, blowdryers, lawnmowers), he already knows exactly where he needs to do his business and he loves every person and dog he has met! He acted like he's lived here forever the second he came home. He just lays there and lets me brush him and play with his feet, ears and mouth. I attribute every bit of it to how he was raised and loved the moment he was born, he is the perfect most sure and confident puppy and exactly what we've been looking for and need, and I'm very picky! :) Plus he's a drop dead gorgeous head turner! There's not enough words to give the full extent of my praise! He will make the perfect service dog. This is our first Keeshond and surely not our last, they really are like chips! And we know who we'll be getting our second (and so on..) from. ;)


After loosing my beloved Keeshond named Precious, my husband and I were devastated. I began looking and looking and could not find anything other than either show breeders or puppy mills. It was really becoming depressing, until I found Linda-Misty Day Keeshonds. I saw immediately that this was the one! My Precious was special; Linda's Keeshonds are exceptional and way above the others out there advertised. Linda was unbelievably available ALL of the time for my emails, texts and phone calls. She really does care about her Keeshonds and has fantastic knowledge and morals when it comes to breeding. We got Faith a female from her and she immediatley came out of her crate with loving arms and wagging her tail with delight. This little dog is so smart, healthy and socialized. If you want a fantastic, healthy, amazing fun-loving Keeshond puppy, this is the place to get one. I searched for 4 months and I hit the jack-pot.


Almost four weeks ago, we received our puppies from Linda. We had intended only Lola but decided we would also buy her brother Teddy! Linda was great throughout the process. Answering all my silly and some not so silly questions. She explained anything without complaint. We were able to call or text her and received prompt feedback. The puppies were shipped to us from Georgia to Boston. They arrived in good spirits and are so healthy and happy. They have great temperaments and love each other. Although hard work getting two, I am glad we did. We have never had dogs before so they keep themselves occupied when we cannot . Truly, if you wanted a healthy Keeshond puppy, Linda is the person you should buy from!


We are so lucky to have found Linda Neal! GeorgieBoy is our fifth Keeshond, but the first puppy. We were looking to adopt a grown up dog, but none was available. Thanks to the internet we have found Linda. She provided lots of information, suggestions and advice to a couple totally inexperienced with puppies. She was the most accommodating with our travel arrangements, patient with our endless questions, and always within an easy reach by phone or Emails. Our puppy is in excellent health condition. There was no separation anxiety. Potty training was easier than we thought. Our boy is already house broken at the age of 13 weeks! He looks great, and is very happy in his new home. All his vet visits were up to date. We are still in touch with Linda via FaceBook and text messaging. I would recommend her to anybody who wants a happy, healthy Keeshond. We are certain that your experience will be as good as ours. Stellar Job Linda!


Our family invested a great deal of time researching and deciding which breed would make a perfect fit in our family. When we decided on a Kees we started searching for breeders and we found Linda and her babies rather quickly. From the start, Linda provided detailed information, answered all of our questions and was happy to share her knowledge with us. We couldn't have been more pleased. She loves each one of the pups fully and makes certain that they are being adopted by families who can properly care for them. She cares where the pup goes , not just about making a sale. Linda has also made her self available to answer any questions that we have had since Wookie came to our home. This is above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Linda for doing so much more than breeding. You raised these pups, socialized them, trained them and made the transition to their new home as easy as possible.


From day one, Linda was extremely friendly and helpful in the process of choosing our puppy. When deciding between breeders, it was Linda's personality that left us choosing from her beautiful pups. She was great with communication: weekly photo updates, disposition reports, and suggestions for pups based on conversation about our lifestyle. We are first-time dog owners, and Linda was patient despite our neediness. Linda was also extremely understanding of our circumstances surrounding the pickup of our chosen pup. She kept the dog for an extra two weeks free of charge so that we could coordinate our new parenthood with travel plans. We're pleasantly surprised at the great head start our pup has in terms of socialization, responsiveness to commands, and learning ability. Linda clearly gave every pup in the litter great attention and love. It was easy to tell how deeply she cared about her babies. I would (and will) recommend Linda to any future Keeshond owner!


When my family of five finally committed to getting a dog, I researched almost every breed and breeder I could find near and far. My choice was correct, the keeshond and the breeder Linda Neal, MistyDay Kees. From my first contact with Linda I was so impressed with her expertise and kindness. Linda guided me through the puppy buying process and helped me gain the knowledge I needed to be a successful first time dog mom. I know she is still there for me and always will be if I need her. As time grew nearer to pick up our pups, we knew we wanted more than one of these adorable angels, so we got two. Another correct choice! This is the best breed of dog for our family and Linda’s puppies are the best of the breed. She raises them like her own babies in her home with her family. She gives them expert healthcare and the best love and socialization any puppy could ever have. Her dogs are the most beautiful I have ever seen of the keeshond breed and of the entire canine family.


I thought 1 Keeshond from Linda was excellent. I was wrong. 2 is the magic number. Our second fur baby purchase from Linda has been an experience even better than the 1st. We felt our 15 month old Keeshond could use a playmate and decided we needed another one from Linda. She had a 15 week old boy that was the most gorgeous dog we've ever seen and just so happened to be the half-brother of our 1st Keeshond. On the spot we decided we wanted him. Linda was just as helpful and informative as the 1st time, and she was very happy to see her precious boy going to a home she knew appreciated her fur babies. Our 2 boys get along great, and the puppy followed his big brother's lead in obedience. He's already house trained and hasn't chewed up anything but his toys. Very happy with our 2nd Keeshond. I'd recommend Linda and her Keeshonden to anyone wanting to add a new loving family member to their lives - because that's what she provides: family members. Thank you again, Linda!


Lucy is our 3rd Keeshond. We are committed to the breed and when our last girl died in March of 2013 we were devastated, but also knew we had to find another. We were incredibly lucky to find Linda Neal. We believe there is no breeder that cares as much as she does, not only about her puppies, but the families that adopt them. Lucy is an absolute joy. She arrived well socialized; clearly the groundwork for this was accomplished during the most important 8 weeks of her life. Lucy is 10 months old and has grown into a gorgeous adult dog. We believe there can be no better place to find a happy and healthy puppy than from Linda Neal. Linda is always available to offer guidance and advice. She remains interested in the well-being of all “her” puppies. Her love and concern is what separates Linda from all other breeders. Linda's puppies become beautiful, loving and well-behaved members of their adoptive families, plus one gets Grandma Linda, too! That's a deal that can't be matched!


When it comes to Keeshonds Linda is Queen of Kees! I got my pup Doogie from her on Dec '12. It has been great. He came almost potty trained. Only 1 accident early on but never happened again. Well mannered, however sworn enemy of the post man, Fedex & UPS drivers ;). Doogie is my best companion both in the office & home. Excellent comfort dogs. Thank you Linda for extending our family by two valuable & much loved family members Doogie & Wesley. Highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a happy Keeshond. They are the best.


In March of 2013, we lost our Keeshond, Sphinx, very suddenly. We were devastated as he was not yet two years old and it was a genetic defect we could never have seen coming. A few weeks after he passed, we decided we couldn't stand having such a quiet house. I did extensive research into Kee breeders and I found Linda. Not only did she have great reviews but by the pictures and videos, we could tell her dogs were cared for and very socialized. Additionally she is more open-minded when deciding on genetic pairings. She breeds her dogs with healthiness and traditional Keeshond traits in mind. After our loss, we wanted to minimize the risks of weaker genes through inbreeding. Our puppy, Bran, arrived at the end of May and we instantly knew he was ours. He is bouncy, joyful, happy and a bit mischievous, exactly as Kees should be. At 9 months old, his markings and fluffy coat have filled in. I wasn't sure if I could let another dog into my life but sure enough he wiggled into our family.


We're thankful, everyday, for our babies. After we lost Willow and Bear, it wasn't long before we decided the house felt empty without dogs. We set about locating the right breeder from whom to adopt new family members. We had a great experience: -MistyDay carefully selects puppy parents -Was helpful, setting expectations about developmental milestones and timing. The process was diligently described. -Puppies were carefully matched to families, based on environment and lifestyle -Status was shared often, as the babies were maturing. Loved the videos, which helped us become familiar from 900 miles away -Arrangements were a breeze and follow through was excellent. MistyDay obviously care for every baby. Ours arrived happy, well adjusted, socialized and were ready to join a new family. They've adjusted to the new home with ease, attributed to preparation, consistent care and disciplined process. Can't say enough good things. J.M.Wayne


Being a previous Keeshond owner, I had high expectations for my puppy. I researched many different breeders and found that although Mistyday's puppies were more expensive, the puppies looked healthier and happier. I talked to Linda and was immediately impressed that she was more interested in finding her puppies a good home then she was about selling the puppy. Linda sent pictures of my puppy as she grew, responded to my e-mails within a reasonable amount of time and answered my many questions. Our Keeshond puppy far exceeded my expectations!! She is exceptionally smart and very well behaved. Not only does she know her name, she also understands "no". She is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. She is an extremely healthy, happy, social, well-rounded puppy. She quickly adjusted to our family as if she has lived with us since she was born. I am very pleased with the whole experience I have had with Linda and would recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect puppy.


Not only is APURRIL a stunning puppy, but she is also the best behaved and most energetic little bundle of love that I have had the privilege to live with. Potty trained from the day I got her, comes whenever she is called and socialized beautifully. Linda's family takes the time to prepare all her puppies for their new lives with their new families from day one. I highly recommend Linda as an outstanding breeder who loves her dogs and cares about their future families. I fell in love with the whole troop while I was in Georgia. And No question goes unanswered. Much Love, Beth


I personally think that Linda's dogs and puppies are exceptional. They are beautifully marked, have outstanding personalities and the puppies are wonderfully trained before you even pick them up. I waited almost 2 years before my little blonde girl arrived and it was worth the wait. I already had a dark Keeshond and wanted a lighter one. With the blonds and silvers coming in new customers will have a choice in colors besides the standard silver/black. But no matter which shade you pick you will be thrilled with the facial markings of all her dogs. Linda has gorgeous Kees. Plus Linda and her family are fabulous. Extremely knowledgeable about the breed and always willing to answer all your questions before and after acquiring a puppy. Plus if you want a big dose of southern charm then meet them in person. You can't go wrong with this family and their Purrbabies!!!!! 


It has been an amazing experience getting to know Linda and seeing her babies grow. My family were all thrilled each time we had a new video to watch of Kali and her litter mates playing. It felt like we knew Kali before we ever actually met her for real. I asked plenty of questions along the way and Linda was always quick to answer and very helpful to me. Kali flew all the way from Atlanta to Seattle where we picked her up. She bounced out of her crate and instantly licked me and my daughters to death. She is the most well socialized 8 week old puppy I have ever met. We are absolutely thrilled to have her join our family!!! Thanks Linda!


When we decided to find a little brother for our 5 year old Keeshond Canyon, I searched for several months. I found Linda's website and was very impressed. She was very careful to make sure I was going to be good to one of her "babies". We corresponded until a litter arrived and she was so wonderful in sharing pictures of the newly born pups. She shared several more pictures, videos and stories of Cooper's daily activities. We felt like we knew him already when he came home. I had to laugh when she called him the "Drama Queen", because Canyon is our family "Drama Queen",I knew it was the perfect match. He flew from Atlanta to Milwaukee and when we picked him up, he was the happiest little man. Cooper has been with us now for two weeks and he has been welcomed into this family with open arms. He and Canyon are the best of friends and our two RagDoll cats love him as well. I believe because he knew his name already, our training with him is also advanced. Thank you Linda!! 


I was skeptical about buying a puppy online, and did my research. Linda is by far the best Keeshond breeder in the south east (I live in SC). We just picked up Loki, our male 'purr baby' and he has obviously been well socialized and came to us knowing "sit" and "come" as well as his name. He is stunning as well and has a clean bill of health. Linda cares greatly for her personal dogs as well as all of the puppies. I have asked her more than my fair share of questions as I am a first time puppy mommy and she has been very helpful and patient. Linda also keeps in touch and helps me along my puppy journey after Loki came home with us. She has sent pictures and videos of the litter and Loki since the day he was born, which was amazing as we got to watch him grow and change and get to know him. Overall, I would never buy a Keeshond from anyone else.


I have been looking at getting a Keeshond for 15 years and did not meet a breeder I was comfortable with until Linda at Misty Days. My new best friend is River who was born in Nov 2011. She is smart, beautiful, healthy, and has a great personality. She is wonderful with children, cats, and simply everyone. She epitomizes the Keeshond and why they are such wonderful companions. My vet was also quite impressed. I so appreciate what Linda does in loving her dogs as her own and raising them with such care-taking extra steps from before they are even born til when they are able to come to their new homes. Linda is also truly professional. She is willing to spend time with expectant puppy parents to provide all sorts of guidance as well as updates as the puppies grow to 8 weeks. You can tell she does this for the love of the breed. She respects breed history and is exceptionally knowledgeable. If you want a quality Keeshond, visit her website and give her a call.


 The first dog I ever had was a keeshond, and she was not my pet, but my friend! I heard of Ms Linda through a friend and was immediately looking for my new best friend. I have had Layla for not quite 2 weeks now and she is wonderful. Linda has taken great care to raise self-assured and confident pups. Layla has adjusted quickly to her new home and her playful intelligent nature shows through. She's even barked at the FedEx man for me to keep me safe and not barked at my husband coming home in the middle of the night from out of town! We're well on our way to being best friends :)


I had my first Keeshond for 12 years and everyone who met him told me what a perfect dog he was. I was worried about finding another perfect dog so did a lot of research before finding Linda on PuppyFind.com. Linda has blessed us with a second Perfect Puppy. We've had Diesel for 2 weeks. When we brought him home he was quick to adjust to his forever home. My family made an impromptu visit and he was eager to meet everyone, including our 3 year old cat. He was housebroken, and has the perfect disposition, very eager and willing to learn. I believe he's this way because Linda took so much time to care and nurture her fur babies. She's an excellent breeder, you won't find a more caring mama! We are thrilled!


When I started looking for a Keeshond puppy, I was immediately drawn to Linda Neal's MistyDay puppies. I told my husband, "I want a Purr Baby!" We were so impressed with how her puppies are hand-raised & socialized. I was a little nervous since this was my 1st experience with finding a puppy over the internet, but Linda was always available to answer any questions we had with honesty & an impressive knowledge of the breed. When I told Linda about our family, she said she had a puppy in mind. We visited to meet the puppies, &, without me saying anything to our older son, he picked the 1 Linda had chosen for us, & said, "This one's ours!" Linda had picked the perfect puppy for us! Throughout the following weeks, she kept us updated with pictures & videos. Maksim has fit into our family wonderfully! He's absolutely adorable & so friendly! He loves our children - seeing them play together makes my heart smile! Maksim is the perfect addition to our family, & I'm so glad we have a Purrbaby!


I’ve never gotten a puppy by looking on the internet & was very afraid of doing so. I looked at all the breeders on PuppyFind & other sites. I kept coming back to one breeder as my top choice; Linda Neal of Mistydays Keeshonden. I feel that I was truly blessed the day I found Linda. I am disabled & Linda helped me every step of the way. My fear of buying a puppy online was turned into a joyful, exciting & fun experience. We phoned, texted, emailed; she sent me pictures & videos. I picked out my puppy (Draco) & because of Linda’s caring nature I got to watch my puppy growing up across the miles. Draco had to be shipped from GA to CA & I received a HAPPY, HEALTHY, CONFIDENT, PLAYFUL, LOVING PUPPY. The reason I received such a wonderful new family member is because of the wonderful way Linda loves & raises each & every one of her Keeshonden. You too will find you new best friend from Linda. My email is posted with this review; so please feel free to contact me. God Bless, Judy


When we made the decision to purchase a Keeshond puppy, I contacted numerous breeders. Linda of MistyDay Keeshonden quickly stood out from the crowd. With every conversation we had, the devotion to her puppies became more evident. Her puppies have beautiful coats, awesome personalities, and they are very intelligent. Linda answered all of our questions and she was very helpful with suggestions for food, house training and grooming care. She consistently has her puppies best care at heart. Linda allowed us to name our puppy and from that moment on, "Roxie" began to learn her name. In addition, Linda never tired of sharing numerous puppy stories, pictures, and videos with us as we watched our puppy grow. We were blessed to have found Linda of MistyDay Keeshonden and I would highly recommend her as a very devoted breeder of excellent quality Keeshond puppies. She is the only breeder we will deal with in the future.


I feel blessed to have found Linda when I started looking for my second Keeshond! She's an amazing person & so are her puppies! Linda answered any questions that I had before I decided to buy one & she's answered any questions I've had since then. Once I selected the puppy I wanted (through pictures & videos), Linda kept me updated with new pictures & videos until we picked Rory up. Linda was also able to train Rory to come to her name before we picked her up. Rory is a very bright little puppy who loves to be with her people. I don't remember my first Keeshond being this bright. She follows us everywhere we go in the house & yard. The bottom line is...Linda's puppies are great little puppies & I highly recommend her as a breeder! I just hope that she stays in the breeding business for awhile because I don't want to get my Keeshond puppies from anyone else. If you're looking for a Keeshond puppy…Stop Here & Don't look any further! Linda is who you want to get your baby from!


We recently bought two beautiful babies. Linda was most excellent in posting pictures, e-mails and videos. Her phone manners were awesome. She kept us informed about the progress of our new family members. She was never to busy to answer any questions we had.When we went to pick-up the children we felt like we already knew them and her. The ride home was also enjoyable due to her fore sight in not feeding the babies lunch. We've had the babies for less than forty-eight hours and we already love them. They have excellent personalities and show a great deal of promise with there training. We couldn't have made a better choice in choosing a breeder for our new family members. Thank-you Linda for doing such a wonderful job.


I purchased my now 4-month-old Keeshond (Osiris) from Linda at MistyDay Keeshonden and was more than impressed by her devotion to her "babies" and her overall operation. I've had Keeshonden before (best dog in the universe in my opinion), but have been troubled by many of the breeders I'd come into contact with over the years. Linda has a tremendous understanding of the needs of a Keeshond and how to prepare a prospective owner to socialize with their new friend and life partner (if you know a Keeshond, they are never merely pets). Her coaching on nutritional, emotional and social concerns is first-rate, and you can tell she raises her "babies" with great care. I had despaired of ever finding a Keeshond breeder that I was willing to trust. Linda was the answer to my prayers! I will certainly buy from her again.


I can vouch for Linda as a great breeder. I purchased my puppy Jett from her, and I have personally witnessed her home. She hand raises the puppies in her livingroom, not outdoors. Her kids and cats are their playmates. When I picked up Jett, it was obvious that he had been held and loved. From moment one, Jett loved people and Linda took extra time to teach him his name prior to his pick up. Linda also made videos of the puppies for me to watch while he was growing, which made it a special experience. My vet said Jett is in excellent health. Also, he is one of the smartest keeshonds I have seen. He learned potty outside, sit, high five, roll over, and shake within 3 weeks. I believe Linda is the best choice for a keeshond puppy hands down, especially if you want a social, loving, healthy puppy from moment one. My name is Monica, and I am available through Linda for a reference.


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